rev. kenna the mighty pea (kennapea) wrote in thequestionclub,
rev. kenna the mighty pea

1. bwhere's the strangest place you've had sex?
2. would you do it again?
3. where's the strangest place you WANT to have sex?
4. if you could hold the title for "first person to have sex ____", what would finish that title? it could be something you've already done or something you aspire to do. (e.g. "first person to have sex on a plane" or "first person to have sex in a park")

1. a hospital shower stall. and in a hospital bed.
2. no, and i really wouldn't recommend it.
3. the porch. it's been really hot out lately, and it's really tempting..but that probably wouldn't go over real well seeing as we live in an apartment.
4. "in a hospital shower stall." i'd really be surprised if many other people had actually had sex in there..
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