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So, I'm planning on going back to school this year for the first time in more years than I'd like to claim. I have to take a foreign language. However, English is my only language and I think I might have difficulty with remembering words and phrases and genders of another language. I was the type who'd ace tests without studying in almost all classes... but do terrible if it was something where I had to memorize names, dates, or label a blank map or label blank anatomy of something.
I took Spanish in high school, but I think the only reason I did so well was that each year there was a different teacher & the year I took it, it was taught by a substitute teacher (we called him Peaches... in class) who read out of the book. I don't really remember anything, nor remember learning anything. All the tests were open book/dictionary.

I know Spanish seems like the "practical" choice and French seems really complex. German actually interests me... but I don't know when it'd ever actually come in handy. I don't know yet what languages are taught at the school. I'm only going to this school to take a language... any language so I'll have enough credits to enroll in a proper university.

So, question:
What non-english language(s) did/do you study?
And, any thoughts that might help me in deciding which I might do best in... Spanish, French, German, or any other language you were taught in a class room.
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