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This is a weird question but if anyone was listening to Q104.3 around nine fifteen tonight they played a song that is stuck in my head... I googled everything I could think of and cannot find the answer to what song it was anywhere!

It was a woman singing and the chorus was just basically her singing "oooh and you" a lot.

I remember some of the lyrics included the phrases, "we can do whatever you'd like" and " girls like attention and boys like girls" 

I thought the DJ said the song was called "Reasons to Love You" but I couldn't find it googling that title or any of the lyrics I remember and I can't find it on the stations site.

Please does ANYONE know this song? I need to listen and get it out of my head!

Sorry for this stupid question...

Fun question for everyone: What song, if any, is stuck in YOUR head right now?
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