Nicole (ex_whatsthe) wrote in thequestionclub,

If you have seen The Prestige...

Who WAS Fallon? Did Borden clone himself via Tesla? He seemed very loyal to just be some random guy off the street... :-\

I understood everything but the very ending (which is a big part). It was 1 am and I was falling asleep, so I'll have to watch it again on my day off. But this part really bothered me. I read on Wikipedia that Borden had a twin, and that is who his double was... but I'm hoping that article is incorrect, as I think that's a crap ending.

What did you think of the movie?
I loved the movie. One of my favorites I've seen. The only part that bothered me was Olivia. One minute it was "Zomgz I luv you Robert," and the next second "I h8 him! I luv u Freddie!!!!!11" :-\

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