Elle B. See (elbiesee) wrote in thequestionclub,
Elle B. See

Dum da da dum...

My fiance and I are thinking about actually having a full-on wedding instead of hoofing it to City Hall (it's a second marriage for both of us; our first ones were quite short-lived). I have a daughter (almost seven years old) that would love to be part of an actual ceremony-type union. (She sees my fiance as her father; indeed, he's the only one she's truly known. But that's another story.)

The things we are looking for: non-denominational, fun, unusual, and interesting enough that the family members that I like will hang out longer at the reception (and the ones I don't like as much will leave soon after the ceremony).

There's three possibilities, but since we're still saving up to pay for it all, there's still room for suggestions.

Poll #1009162 Headin' for a weddin'

Which location looks like the most fun for a wedding?

Elsewhere, and I'll tell you in the comments
Oooo, a ticky!
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