Sabrina (mylittlepeony) wrote in thequestionclub,

The Bridge.

1. Has anyone here seen The Bridge?

If so, more questions behind the cut.

2. What do you think contributes to the high number of suicides on the GG Bridge?

3. What do you think is the main cause of death of people who jump off the bridge (shock, impact, drowning, etc)?

4. According to Wiki and the end of the film, there's about one jumper every couple weeks. What are your thoughts on a suicide barrier being "too costly" or "unsightly?"

5. What about the camera crew witnessing all of these suicides? Do you think it was wrong for them to not phone the authorities before someone jumped (although they said they did on a few occasions), or is it none of their business?

6. Did you know about the high number of suicides on the GG Bridge before watching the film? Where are you from?


Say you go to a fast food restaurant. Taco Bell, to be precise. You're with a friend or your SO who orders "a number three without tomato." You order "a chili cheese burrito, a hard taco without lettuce, and a medium drink." It takes at least 7 minutes for the cashier to type that into the register. Your food comes out and you find that you were charged for (and given) an extra taco that neither of you want/will eat. You go to fill your drink cup only to find that of the beverages they provide, the few that you like taste like crap (too much syrup, watered down lemonade, etc). Finally, you sit down with your extra taco and empty cup and take a bite of your chili cheese burrito, which tastes exactly like a giant pack of hot sauce. Does asking for your money back for the chili cheese burrito and drink make you a huge bitch? Would you consider it bad management to just say "ok" to someone who wants their money back, rather than ask if there is any way to fix the problem?

Eek tl;dr. Ongoing argument with my SO.
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