Ellison (ellison) wrote in thequestionclub,

Two Money Questions

What are your best ideas/tips for raising money?

What are your best ideas/tips for saving money? (This one is probably more important to me.) Teach me how to be thrifty, pretty please.

My job is ending Tuesday and didn't pay that much to begin with, really. It'll be three weeks until I move, and when I do, I'll only be in my new city just over a month before starting school full time. The program I'm entering will take up so much time that I won't be able to have a job. My parents are able to help me out a bit, but I'd love some ideas anyway, because I would really LOVE to see my savings account GROW.

Also, would it be worth it to advertise dog/walking, babysitting, when I know I'll be moving in three weeks??

Thanks for any tips you can give!
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