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Help me choose a car, please. [picture heavy]

Okay, I am buying my first car (I'm a late bloomer at well over 19, I know, but before this I've just been walking). I am getting a loan of $10,000 to pay for the car and the insurance. Whatever is left, I will just put back. But please, the loan is not what I am asking about, I am already seeing consultants for it. I need advice on buying a car.

This is what I need:

+ Something very reliable. For 7 months out of the year I'm in school, and that means driving about 70 miles a day, round trip. My work is only about a mile away, so I'll probably still walk for the exercise.
+ Something great on gas. See above.
+ Something that can last me all through college, and maybe beyond. When I've graduated, I'm going to grad school, and I want to be chipping away at debt all the time, so I am aiming to get 10 years out of this car. At the very least, 6 or 7.

So I did a search on autotrader, and these are my top three, in no particular order:

First is the Cobalt. There is no pic there, but it says it's blue. I like the mileage on this and I like that it's new so it would presumably last longer, and I think $7,000 isn't bad for all that. Also, my friend has a Cobalt (I think also a 2005, but a two door) and she seems to like it.

Here is a pic of a 2005 Cobalt in blue, just like this one:

I still need to find out how many miles to the gallon it gets.

This is the Focus. I am in love with Focuses...how they handle, how they look, etc. And I love the color on this one. This is basically my dream car, except for the age. It worries me because even though 50k miles isn't bad for a 2001, that's still pretty old, and I want to get some years out of this, remember? Also, for $2,000 more I could get the Cobalt, which has half the miles and is four years newer. But it's not a cute blue. And I know that Focuses get about 25/35mpg. Advice?

The Accent. I really am not hyped about the way that this car looks:

But $3,500 is hard to argue with. And 48k miles isn't bad for a 2001. But that's the same thing again, to be worried about...an older car...and the Focus is cuter and probably better on gas. I just don't know how I'd feel driving around in that ugly old thing, especially in black.

And these are all the others that I am interested in:

So anyway, I really need advice. I don't know much about cars. In fact, I don't know anything at all. Not even how to change a tire. I don't know about mileage either. Mom said that 1,000miles a month is a good marker, so I guess all these cars are good, but I need something that will last. ADVICE PLEASE?

EDIT: People keep on saying Honda...I found a 2004 Honda Civic, 50k miles, for $8,900...is that good, or am I just being fooled by nice pictures?
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