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Inspired by This Post ::

When you pee on a public toilet seat, do you wipe it off?
Does it make you mad when other people don't wipe it off?
Have you ever sat in pee on a public seat?
    What did you do?
What is the nastiest thing you have ever seen in a public bathroom?
What is the nastiest thing you have ever done in a public bathroom?

<lj-cut text=My Answers>
I do wipe it off.
YES! I don't want to have to touch other peoples pee to use a toilet, just as I don't expect them to have to clean mine!!
No. I always look.

Someone pooped ON the toilet seat. Not in the toilet, not a smudge in the bowl.. ON THE FUCKING TOILET SEAT.
That list is short... Not washed my hands???</lj-cut>
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