Benny Lava (si_infuria) wrote in thequestionclub,
Benny Lava

1. Have you ever set down a soda can and it did that weird thing where it spins around for a moment? WTF is that? Demons? Don't even try to tell me it's air trapped under the can or some shit. *scoffs*

2. Why do some companies not take online job applications as seriously as 'real' ones?

(ETA: I've been job searching and I've noticed I can fill out online apps and never hear a thing from the company, but I can write down the exact same info on a paper app, in person, and they call back.)

3. How did The Sopranos end? What happened in the last few episodes?

I stayed fairly current until the last 3-4 episodes, of which I know almost nothing, except I'm already aware of the ambiguous bit at the verrry end where it goes black. What did I miss? What do you think happened at the end?
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