holleratyogirl8 (holleratyogirl8) wrote in thequestionclub,


What is your opinion of Myspace?
Do you have a Myspace?
Do most of your friends have Myspace or not?
Have you ever "stalked" someones page? i.e., viewed it many times in a day, kept up to date with their life because of it, etc.
Did you know them or not?

& a completely unrelated question.

What is one of your favorite jokes? Will you share it with me, please?

1) I like it, I'm bad at keeping in touch with people, Myspace makes it easier and less intruding than a phonecall with someone I don't care to talk to for long.
2) yeah
3) probably 98% have it.
4) yeah hahaha but not horribly. I'm online most of the day at work (i'm allowed) so I get bored... my friends are nosy too so i have to be careful with what i have on my myspace.
5) both.
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