An Extraordinary Machine (slinksgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,
An Extraordinary Machine

Skin care

1. I bought a microderm abrasion brush last night. However, I didn't want to spend $50 on the special face soap that goes with it.  Do you think it would be okay if I used a regular exfoliating face scrub with it?  Or will I OMG DIE AND GET ZITS?

2. I have really, really dry skin.  I notice that on my arms and legs I get "fake zits".  They aren't really zits because there is no oil or blockage.  It's just a little white bump.  If you scratch it, you can pick a little dead skin off of it, but that is it. (so, again...not a zit).   Does anyone else get these?  Do you have any tricks for getting rid of this fake body acne?  (Oh, and I exfoliate like a champ, so that isn't the solution)

3. Does your skin tend to be more oily or dry?  Are your skin conditions worse in the heat or the cold?

4. What SPF do you use?

5.  What product do you use to shave?  (Like, soap, shaving cream, etc.)
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