llooking_for_me (llooking_for_me) wrote in thequestionclub,

Psychoanalyze me.

Why is it that when I got what I wanted, I didn't feel as happy as I thought?

In this college class, you need to get a 99-100% in order to get a 4.0. 97-98% = 3.9, 96% = 3.8, 95% = 3.7, 94% = 3.6, and so on.

My goal for the whole year was to get a 4.0. I would often get discouraged if my assignments were not perfect. And I'd stress myself out everyday for the entire year working my ass off in order to get the 4.0. I would often dream about achieving it and my teacher told me to forget about it because no one has ever gotten that grade in her entire teaching career (she's been a teacher for a very long time). I can understand why she would tell me that because most people have a D in that class and only 1 person has an A.

The year has just ended and I aced my exam and essay, each worth 15% of my grade. So I got my 4.0. Why don't I feel as happy? I felt happier being stressed.
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