Joel Stringfellow (njyoder) wrote in thequestionclub,
Joel Stringfellow

Body 'corrective fetish'

[Note: I don't mean 'fetish' in a sexual way, just in the sense of being a compulsion that you would really enjoy.]

Do any of you have a 'body corrective fetish'?
Can you give examples of what you'd like to do/how it applies to you?

Let me explain what I mean by that...

When I see a picture of webbed toes, I want to take a scalpel and cut the webbing open so the toes are free. When I see someone who is 'tongue tied' (connective tissue from their tongue's tip to their mouth bottom), I want to cut it so the tongue is free to move about.

When I see someone with a muscular disorder forcing their arm to "curl inward" toward their body, I want to bend it back outward so it can be positioned normally. Clubbed feet? I'll bend them back into normal position. Teeth out of position? I'll bend those too.

Even when I have internal bodily problems, I wish I had these things I saw in some sci-fi show (sliders?) called 'living gloves' that allow you to reach straight through the skin (like it wasn't there) and just use hands to manipulate internal parts.

I guess part of it is like a comfort issue--they'd have more freedom of movement (in how I visualize it anyway) and feel more comfortable overall.
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