and i will play my game beneath the spin light (checkpointme) wrote in thequestionclub,
and i will play my game beneath the spin light

1. What's your guilty musical pleasure?

2. Did anything really shitty happen to you today? Vent to me about it?

3. Have you ever posed nude for art? Or just because you felt like it? Pics plz? =P

1. Backstreet Boys and ABBA.

2. My contacts turned yellow today because I put them in saline rather than cleaning solution, and I had to drive up to the pharmacy in broken glasses to get cleaning solution, and I felt very uncomfortable since I haven't worn glasses in the last year. Then I had to go to work and my vision was extremely blurry and I felt awkward all day. Then once I got home my vision got better. I was so pissed off.

3. Yes. But I am under 18, so I can't post them.

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