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1. are you someone who is interested in things for a long time or someone who gets really obsessed with something for a few months or a couple years then dumps it?

2. if you're the latter, is there anything you've been interested in for a long time?

1. i'm someone who gets intense obsessions(or i used to, i don't get super obsessed with things like i did in middle school or hs) and then i'll be done with it. i was obsessed with my favorite band, The Clash, for almost two years. then one day it stopped. i still listen to them but not like i used to.

2. the only thing i've ever stayed interested in is soccer. i can't think of anything i was interested in when i was in elementry or middle school, and to an extent high school, that i still am now.

BONUS QUESTION: i have a Snickers. i've had it for over an hour. why the hell haven't i eaten it?
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