some kind of happiness is measured out in miles (plasticpepper) wrote in thequestionclub,
some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

1. Did anyone else go to Bonnaroo? I know there has to have been SOMEBODY else there from TQC.

And if you did...

2. What was your favorite show?

3. Did you ever do anything or wear anything to make yourself especially noticeable? If so, what? Cuz I think it would totally awesome if I found out that one of you people was the guy in the Shrek suit or something like that.

4. Any other great stories or experiences to share?

Paolo Nutini was my favorite show, but I really enjoyed Manu Chao and Damien Rice too. I was front row for both Paolo and Manu Chao, too, which was especially awesome. And as far as good of my friends ended up with the worst sunburn I've ever seen. He had a blister the size of an egg on his back. When he went to the medical tent all the personnel there gathered around to gawk at him and took pictures. Poor guy.
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