Someone (bonesbaby33) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Do you get annoyed when places like LJ, Facebook, or any other place you frequent, change their format drastically, and often too frequently? (Yes)

2. Do you like myspace? (No)

3. Do you tend to spend more time hanging/chatting with your mom or dad?

4a. Do you have a passport? (Yes)
4b. If so, is your picture horrific? (In my opinion, yes)
4c. If you got it recently, how long did you have to wait? (About 2 months)

5a. What is your caffeine of choice - tea, coffee, energy drink, pop, or something else? (Amp)
5b. Do you like coffee at all? (NO)

6. What words do you often misspell on the first try? (Misspell, mischievous, rendezvous, caffeine, receipt, and many other things with i-e or e-i, because I always forget to use the rule)

7. Hooded sweatshirts or non-hooded? (Hooded!)

8. Are you a selective person when it comes to what music you have on your MP3 player/iTunes, or do you download everything you can find and find yourself unable to name most of what plays? (I'm selective and can name 90% of what's in my library except for score, where I could at least tell you the composer and movie most times)

9. Edit: Does anyone here have a silicon medical alert bracelet? I'm looking for one and my googling has proven fruitless. I can only find metal ones. I'd like to have one of both I think.
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