Tabetha (trivher) wrote in thequestionclub,

To pay or not to pay

Myself, my husband and our friend have returned from vacation here we drove from Cinncinnati Ohio to Tampa Florida (and also went on a 4 day cruise). On our way back home our friend stopped in Atlanta for what he said would be an hour tops to see a friend at a hookah lounge, I was (and still am) sick with a nasty head cold so I didn't really want to be there to begin with, but we were being poliete. As we were sitting there my husband and I clearly heard him say he would pay for everything, well guess what! When the check came he immedially pipped up to the rude server/waitress it was three seperate checks! Now my question is since he knew we didn't want to be here and this visit was for his benefit only there should have been no question of him paying? I mean himself and his friend were talking about their time in Egypt and their friends there, etc not something we could related to so it's not like we could have made it for our benefit as well. And since he did say at the beginning he was paying should we have questioned it? By the way my husband and I had to order something every guest is required to. Which sucked because when your sick you don't want anything. The order was 15 bucks, that's two appertizers at around 5 and 10 for bottle water - this place won't even get you free tap water (or whatever it is!). And if you are wondering why myself and my husband didn't do anyjing else during that time ... We didnt know the area, no car to use (we took his) and no cell phone to contact him vice-versa - Without us being there our friend would have totally lost track of time and would have been more than 2 hours (even he admitted to that), I felt like a crap and just sitting was nice.
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