Nena Mata Hari (lijepanena) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nena Mata Hari

Silly stuff

I was working with a youth group and remembered some of the things the kids did in the youth group I was in when I was a teenager. It made me think of these questions:

1) Have you ever been in a farting contest?
Nope. After seeing a classmate of mine shit his pants in a farting contest, I'm not about to take my chances

2) Have you ever been in a belching contest?
Yep. Give me some A&W root beer and I can really let 'em rip!

3) Have you farted on a lighter?
Nope. I'm afraid I'd burn myself. A kid in my youth group had some nasty burns on his bum from that

4) What other "stupid human tricks" type of things have you done?
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