Mephistopheles (acatsoclever) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Who else apart from McFly and Television Personalities have covered the song "Mr Brightside"?

2. A friend of mine has mentioned that a young, attractive teacher of hers at college keeps flirting with her. He gives her flowers and calls her pet names in front of the class and touches her at every opportunity. She is disregarding my suggestion that she tell him to stop and/or tell someone higher up about his behaviour. She has told me she fancies him but hasn't tried to come onto him at all. I'm afraid if she lets it continue it will turn into a situation where she may not be taken seriously if she complains. What can I tell her to make her realise his behaviour is wrong?
I don't care if you think it's ethical or not. I am not interested in debating that any further, I am asking something quite specific.
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