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Are you part of any fan groups online? (On LJ or otherwise)  For what show/movie/band/author/book/etc? What do you think could be improved about the ones that you are on? Do you actively participate on them? Do you have to be a complete and total lover of the thing, before you'd join a fan group about it?  And, links to any of them?

I am, of quite a lot.  On LJ and individual forums. I think that most of them could be improved by having even a few more active members, they're for quite obscure things, so there aren't many of us. A few could be improved by better management... Yes, I very actively participate  in most of them. No, I don't have to be a total obsessive fan to enjoy talking about it on a  forum or whatever.

Links: Lano and Woodley forum - for the Australian comedians Frank  Woodley and Colin Lane (Lano). They're the guys in my avatar. They had a tv show that's still totally hilarious, did live shows, do live shows now, have a cd, a fiction book, and make appearances on quite a lot of tv shows.  We also talk about other comedians and tv shows and our lives in general.

The Brittas  Empire
For the 90s britcom about a manager of a leisure centre, who basically stuffs things up. A lot. And never really realises what he's doing wrong- that he's the cause of everyone's stress and violent episodes and  wars. The secondary characters are also absolutely brilliant. And it stars Chris Barrie, who was Rimmer in Red Dwarf. Strangely, I'm not a member of any Red Dwarf fangroups, though I enjoy it a lot...

Space Cases
Laugh if you want, but it's fun to talk about shows that you liked as a kid. We do a lot of nostalgia talk in that forum.   It's for that nickelodeon show about the kids and their teachers who were accidentally sent into space and through a wormhole and are now trying to make their way back. It's actually a really good show and I can still appreciate it as an adult.

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men
A british tv show that was written by Tony Robinson, ie, Baldrick from Blackadder, and the guy from Time Team. It's a comedy version of Robin Hood, where it's the 'true story' of the legend- that Marian was the leader, and Robin was vain, cowardly, gullible, and obsessed with yuppie/metrosexual type things. It's also a musical. And has Tony in it as the Sheriff, and Danny John Jules from Red Dwarf (Cat) as Barrington, a rastafarian merry man. We find it totally totally brilliant. sooo much fun, and it was designed to be good for all ages to watch.

fregg_love it's for lovers of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost... and slash of their characters.

lwfanfic fanfiction of Lano and Woodley

aussie_boosh for Australian lovers of The Mighty Boosh

mac_hearts_pc lovers of the Mac ads... and slash.

cnnnn for  lovers of the  Australian comedians known as "The Chaser".

dixonites for David Dixon. You know, the guy who was  Ford Prefect in the miniseries  of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

pagansfandom Catherine Jink's series about Pagan, a boy/young man in the 1100s. It's a new comm.

heard_of_it multi fandom fangroup, pretty much anything obscure.

Wow, looking at that list it's actually a lot less than I was thinking! I talk  about tv and movies a lot... but not on fanclubs for most of them apparently. I mainly just seem to talk about them in the off topic sections of the forums I guess!

So what ones are you a member of anywhere on the net?

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