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What do stars do best?


I have an 19 month old Doberman X Rottweiler dog (Blaise) and an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch (Elli). They are both well trained and get along incredibly well. However, just recently, Blaise has begun to pee on Elli in the mornings, just before I come downstairs! He is quite a lot bigger than her and when she is asleep in her bed he will stand over and just urinate.
Why is this?
The only behavioural problem he has ever had was when he was a few months old and he would chew the sofa cushions because he wasn't allowed to sit on them. Nothing in his routine has changed whatsoever. They both have access to a completely fenced in back garden any time they want, so it's not like he can't go out. They have both been spayed/neutered. I am completely confused and at a loss as to how to correct this behaviour. Any ideas? Or maybe direct me to another place to ask?

ETA: Thank you all for your advice!

Do you have any dogs? Tell me about them! :)
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