Sabrina (mylittlepeony) wrote in thequestionclub,

Purely Hypothetical.

Let's say there's this man named John Smith. He doesn't trust keeping his money in a bank account, so he stores all of his extra money in this metal tackle-box type container, which he keeps buried by the base of a tree on a random piece of property. For the sake of this question, we'll say there aren't any houses for miles around, so nobody really knows who owns the property on which John hides his cash.

The box has a lock on it, and on the lid there is this little plaque-type thing stating who the box and its contents belong to, with John's address.

One day John goes to put some money in his box only to find that a developer has bought that land and has dug up the tree and surrounding area to start the construction of new homes. The developer's workers found John's box.

What do you think should happen to John's box and his money? Does it technically belong to the developer seeing as he purchased the land it was buried in? Or is the developer legally/morally obligated to give John his box+money, as it clearly states who the box+money belongs to?
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