Nikki (default_reality) wrote in thequestionclub,

Some of you may have heard about the rednecks that lived with my mother for eight months. She spent tons of money on the children (ages 3 to 14, four of them) and, in my opinion, they didn't deserve a dime of it.

They moved out May 12th. They left the kids' bikes here, among other various things that my mother is refusing to take responsibility for and return it to them. Perfectly understandable since they were so obnoxious and the children destructive, with parents who didn't consistently discipline them.

Anyway. We're really only "worried" about the 4-5 bicycles they left, which are sitting in our front yard. They're moving to Georgia soon, and I told mom the first day Sara (the mother) doesn't show up at the plant (news paper distributing plant), the bikes are getting pawned. I have more stuff I have to take to the dump, which will probably be the remainder of whatever isn't destroyed enough to go to St. Vincent de Paul or the Hospice.

Since it's been over thirty days that they've been gone, do we have the right to do what we wish with their things, or have I been lead to falsely believe this?

Thanks for any input. I live in Florida, if that even makes a difference. There was no written contract, except that they *had* to be gone before I returned home, and they were, since we don't have the room for them and me.
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