aryn kae (_dear_mariah) wrote in thequestionclub,
aryn kae

Oh man

Okay, so, you know those memories you have from being a kid that you aren't sure if they're real or not? Yeah, well, this is one of them. I seem to remember when I was about 6 or 7, going into a music store with my parents and there was a movie on. I was watching it, but it scared me, the only thing I remember was two or three HUGE grass hoppers sitting in a tree and for some reason, I think the people had turned into them. Does anyone know if I just have a wonky memory or if this really was a movie?

And another question! Has anyone seen those b movie Christian flicks about the rapture from the 1970s? I was forced to watch them when I was little and it actually caused alot of issues with me as a little kid, but now, I want to see them again because I'm sure they're terrible! I'm just wondering if anyone knows about them. ;P
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