HEFNERSBUNNY is now (totheleft) wrote in thequestionclub,

POS rental cars + me

Three weeks ago, I was sideswiped at 60 mph by a douchebag too busy to use his rearview mirrors before changing lanes.

My car (which is 5 months old and has been hit TWO TIMES already) has been in the body shop since the accident.

I was told that it would take about two weeks to fix the car (major damage, but not like, crumpled car or anything). I said, "Oh good, because I desparately need the car by June 13 (today), or at the latest June 14 (tomorrow), because I'm leaving town for four days on the 14th and would like to have my car for that 200 mile trip." I made this clear. Can't take my husband's car, because it's a million years old and gets bad gas mileage and we dont like to take it on long trips.

to which they responded, "Oh, that's totally not a problem." which makes me happy because i'm currently driving the world's most hoopdie POS rental honda accord - white, dented all over, with unpainted black plastic doors and rearview mirrors, smells like old people, has Florida tags, i hate this car. OH and the gas mileage SUCKS compared to my little 2 door civic coupe.

Yesterday my husband calls them and they say "whoops! we're just getting around to putting the bumper on this morning. So we'll be sure to paint it today so it can dry and you can have it back Thursday at the latest."

Today  we call to follow up and hear: "WHOOPS WE JUST NOW PRIMERED IT. IT WILL NOT BE DONE UNTIL MONDAY."

So my question to you, after all of this tl;dr, is this: should I bother pitching a fit? I know I can't get my car back by tomorrow, but it's the PRINCIPAL of it. they've been dicking us around (the insurance company, the rental car company, and the body shop) since day one. the accident = not my fault.

Bonus points: do you have any humorous suggestions of what you would do designed entirely to cheer me up?
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