four_alarm (four_alarm) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I'm planning on adopting a second cat soon and want to go ahead and get stuff for it. Obviously, already having a cat, I have some stuff for her.

I'm planning on getting another litter box, travel crate, and more food bowls so each cat will have their separate stuff. I'll buy food, a collar with ID, and litter later once I finalize an adoption since I don't know yet what age the new cat will be (looking at getting an older cat instead of a kitten).

That said, is there anything else I should get that I'm not thinking of?

Any tips for introducing new cats? I'm going to keep them in separate rooms for a couple of days so they'll get used to each other's scents before introducing them face to face. I've been told to let them establish their heirarchy (i.e. if they fight, let them finish it out) and obviously give my current cat extra attention when I bring in the new one.
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