A (alicedear) wrote in thequestionclub,

OK, TCQ. Here's the deal. I have a not-so-mild addiction to The Sims 2. However, my computer is crap so I couldn't play it for a few months. So recently I finally ponied up and bought a new graphics card (which I really needed anyway), and some RAM, totaling about 120 in upgrades. So, happy with my purchases I went to install the game.

It does not work. I am very sad.

The body shop file won't transfer over. I've tried cleaning the disk and Googling the problem, but it all sounds very complicated on the forums. It requires smarts.

I am not smart, TCQ.

Does anyone have any advice for me that is relatively simple and doesn't involve shelling out another fifty? (And no, I don't have a friend to loan the game from).
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