LisaKat (tastekitty) wrote in thequestionclub,

i am going to court next week for a traffic ticket. the idea is for me to try and get probation before judgement. and since my last ticket was 6 years ago, i think i can do that. i figure i should plead guilty, and show them that i know i made a mistake and it won't happen again. however, i don't know what to expect in court. i know first they ask you "how do you plead?". if i say "guilty" do they then allow me to explain myself and ask for probation before judgement? or is it just up to the judge to give me whatever he/she deems a fit punishment? also, am i correct that if i got pulled over and got just a (verbal) warning in the past, that it doesn't show up on my record?

EDIT: i know i plan to plead guilty. it's a long story with technicalities, but i realize that if the cop says i'm guilty, they'll believe him over me. i just wanted to know from someone who's been through this before if i'll get to actually ask for pbj or if after i say "guilty" is it basically case closed, and completely to the judge?
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