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I want Mozilla darnit...

So I'm at work, and I just had to restart the computer for various reasons and I had about fifteen to twenty random tabs open. I can't remember what they were, and they were things I wanted to bookmark and read later when I had a chance.

But I'm using Internet Explorer 7(complete with vaguely useless Google Toolbar) instead of the browsers I'm used to. If this was Firefox, I'd have my tabs back as soon as I reopened the browser. But it's not, so I want to go in to the browser history and see what webpages I've viewed today.

Am I crazy? Didn't this used to be possible? How do I make this happen? I've checked the help, and can't find it. Okay, I FINALLY found the command, buried somewhere in a toolbar that wasn't enabled.

Do you find the help files usually useless?

And for the benefit of randomness:
What's the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia? (I was trying to make sense of the changes in the Marvel Comic universe).
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