Rachel (teddybear115) wrote in thequestionclub,

So based on this situation...I have a couple questions

I just moved to Myrtle Beach and I have a roomie named Sarah. Last Saturday night Sarah's friend Jimmy came in from Ohio. Jimmy brought Nate. Sarah and I went out to hang out with them. Sarah told Jimmy that she had a boyfriend. Nate and I hit it off.

We all left and I gave Nate my number. Nate called the next day (Sunday) and talked about getting together that night. He said he would call when they left. He never called but at that point I was fine with it since I was exhausted. Yesterday he calls and apologized and talked about getting together again that night. Everything is set. Sarah cant go since she is with her bf. Apparently Jimmy calls and hears the bf on the phone and is upset about that. When I get there (15 min later) Nate is visibly torn but fills me in on what happened when I was enroute. He wants to hang out with me but his best friend who he came to visit and is there with is upset and doesnt want to make Jimmy feel like the third wheel so it is best for me to leave though with tentative plans for the beach today. I call him at 10am and as of now he hasnt called.

My feeling is that since Jimmy is upset about Sarah, Nate doesnt feel like he can see me since that will make Jimmy the third wheel unless he finds a girl himself. Also he cant see me alone since that means leaving a friend he hasnt seen in years and doesnt want Jimmy to feel like he was ditched. They leave in a week or less.

Given that....

1) What do I do? Contact or leave be?
2) Why do you think Nate/Jimmy are pulling this?
3) If my feeling is right, why does my seeing Nate have to depend on Jimmy's feelings. Arg.

I really like Nate and I think that he is really interested in getting to know me better. Maybe I shouldnt care so much since he does leave for Philly (where he lives) in a week but I do. I would just like once to hang out with him again.

ETA: I totally agree Nate is doing the right thing my standing by Jimmy and Jimmy being his priority. I feel slightly frustrated that I dont get to see him but I wouldnt have him do anything different and I honestly believe if he did anything different, I wouldnt like him so much.

I guess my concern for him trying to pull something is left over from an abusive relationship. I just dont want to be taken advantage of and while I dont think Nate is trying to..I didnt think my ex was either and he definately was.
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