"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!" (soupcan) wrote in thequestionclub,
"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!"

I'm heading to Panama in August, and my only connection with American culture over the next two and a half years will be my iPod: 30GB and I have like 24GB free for music or videos.

That said:

1. What would you MAKE SURE to stock your iPod with, if you were heading out for that duration of time? Keep in mind you can't update it while you're there.

2. What would you suggest I update mine with? I like a little bit of something from every genre, and am not too picky, except I only like rap that sounds like Lupe Fiasco, or country that sounds like Johnny Cash. Current favorites include musicals (yeah, I'm that kid), The Polyphonic Spree, Regina Spektor, Juanes, Sigur Ros, Sondre Lerche, Frank Black, but really, I'm open to anything.
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