spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin' (mbmargarita) wrote in thequestionclub,
spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin'

1. What do you collect?
2. How seriously do you take this collection?
3. What's the next or most important thing you'd like to add to it?
4. Why do you collect what you collect?
5. Would your collection be worth anything if you sold it, and if so, what? (And how much would you estimate you've spent on it so far?)

6. What did you do at work today? What's your job? (Alternatively, what did you do at school today? Or while being unemployed today?)

7. Ahem, are you aware of the various campaigns to save Veronica Mars? They sent all these Mars bars and marshmallows already, but today is the day to buy the last episode ("The Bitch is Back") from iTunes in the hopes of making the Top 10. (More info.) Anyway the real question is-- for those of you who care about Veronica Mars, right now do you feel like let it rest in peace already, or if you controlled the world, would you like them to make a movie, a whole new season, what?

1. State quarters (haha) and little ceramic animal figurines.
2. Neither very seriously.
3. Um, more quarters? Maybe some more animals? I don't even pay attention to which quarters are coming out when.
4. I collect the quarters because I'm a nerd and I used to come across a lot of them at work and I'd pocket the new ones, and the little figurines because I inherited some from my mom and used to buy one every time I went to Charleston (SC).
5. I could maybe get like $15 for the animals and the quarters probably add up to like... haha... $3.25?

6. I'm a(n unpaid) marketing intern with a theater... today I put up posters in local coffee shops, did some data entry, sorted t-shirts, listened to a party planning meeting, and made name tags. WHEW life is hard.

7. Obviously I'm aware of them. Personally I feel like it is almost time for it to die but it kills me that it ended how it did, with them not knowing that episode would be the last. I would love just like another 4-6 episodes. Sniffle.
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