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I have a hideous Beta named Troy.  I say hideous becayse he's off white/yellow and has navy eyes and some green streaks.  I think he looks pretty rad, but he is kind of ugly when you stare for awhile.

Anyway.  Lately his eyes are more of an aquamarine blue.  He stays at the bottom of his bowl.  He won't eat any food.  He's never been stimulated by anything, like a tap on the glass or my finger poking the water.  I cleaned the bowl Sunday and took out the bamboo that was in there because it was kind of gross looking.  Now he's acting all weird and sick.

Has this happened to you with your Beta (assuming you've had one)?  
Think it's because I need to buy a new plant?
Any idea what I should do?

;_;  I don't want him to die.  Why won't he eat?!
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