Urban sprawl of standardized housing. (subtopia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Urban sprawl of standardized housing.

Affirmative Action?

1. Do you think affirmative action is degrading to those who get hired under AA circumstances?

2. If you you had reason to believe you were hired under affirmative action guidelines, would you feel good about getting the job?

I got a summer internship with a government agency for engineering. Now I know women are a minority in the engineering field...which I kind of like. I want to prove myself, I don't want special treatment. I want to know that I got a job because *I* earned it and not my vagina!!!  Anyway, I recently discovered that this place HIGHLY ENCOURAGES women and minorities to apply. I already got shit from my peers for getting an internship before anyone else (they were kidding, but what they didn't know that is what they were saying was probably true) and it makes me feel really awful.  Like I didn't earn it and that they hired me to fill some stupid woman-engineering quota.

My husband thinks I should take it and run...its like getting a scholarship for women.  I have no experience so they are shaping me into the future engineer that I'll be and they are just giving me an advantage because there are lots of places that probably wont hire me because I do have boobs.
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