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1.  You try on a pair of shoes at a shoe store,  figuring they won't fit, because shoes like them usually don't.  Not only do they fit, but they feel good on your foot.  They're leather too.  And they're only $25.  You know that shoes by this brand usually cost $65-80.  Do you buy the shoes?  What if you really have no good reason to wear them?

2,  Anything happened to you lately that was scary at first, but funny after?

1. I dunno. I have huge feet and I tried on these adorable wedge shoes by Seychelles.  They FIT and were so comfy.  But I have no need for a wedge shoe.  I hardly wear the ones I have.  I'm looking for justification to run to Marshalls and buy them. lol

2. My car broke down an hour from home Sunday.  Well, it didn't break.  My muffler fell down and was scraping on the ground.  I freaked out a little because I was so far away from home and was at a party.  But the tow truck driver was able to reattach it long enough for me to drive it home and to my mechanic.  Now, it's pretty funny, but I was pretty stressed when it happened.  It was my first major car problem far from home.
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