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movie, or dream?

Okay TQC, help me determine if I just came up with this in my brain, or if it's a movie I once saw and just had popped back at me.

Girl lives with her mother, who had her very young. Girl gets in argument with crochety old kindergarten teacher about having pierced ears. Mother dog of girl's puppy gets run over. Some men kidnap and molest the girl while the mother is out partying. Cut to later in her life, she is looking more boyish and taking care of herself. Has a friend over even though the house is a wreck. (because again, mother isn't there to be responsible) Girl is hanging out with boys more and being tougher. With male friends at some kind of bowling alley where a man dies (heart attack, presumably) and the little brother of one of her friends is there. The brother tells his brother that the man left for a while, before the girl can tell him he's dead. This causes a fight, with splintered wood getting stuck in people.

So now the question is...did my brain make this up, in which case, how freaky is that? Or is any of it like a movie that might exist?

For the record, I'm a fairly vivid dreamer, but even this seems just...too "scripted" to be a dream.
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