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Help a girl out please TQC!

1. My husband has been hinting around about this watch he wants.  Thinking I’d get it for him for father’s day I’ve been looking around with no luck. (and yes I’ve Googled but it seems I suck at Google)   He says its sort of a dressy watch but it’s see through?  As in you can see all the gears and inner workings.  Any ideas of what a watch like that might be called or where I can find one?

see I knew TQC rocked!  They are called skeleton watches and hubby will have to hint to his sugar momma or something cause ouch! very cool but expensive on our budget right now.  Thanks for the help!

2.  I think it was this past Friday I ran across a post (it had to be here or stupid_free) about male to female transvestites.  It has a pictorial instruction on how to “tuck and tape"  My mom is reading a book about a hermaphrodite which in a round about way got me to thinking about this post and now she wants to see the instructions.  I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it anyone remember seeing it?  Got a link?
got it thanks!!!

Thanks so much TQC!
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