Benji (justin_case) wrote in thequestionclub,

Uh oh, spaghettios...

The other day, I went into town and bought a few CDs. Among them was Regina Spektor's recent album.
I got home, and through a series of unfortunate, yawn-enducing events, I didn't get a chance to listen to it until last night.
So, I open it up, and sample the CD art. It's one of those really nifty ones where they list the names of the tracks, except not one of them matched the list on the back cover. For that matter, the name of the album was also presented a few inconsistencies.

I've listened to the album (Soviet Kitsch), and it's actually fairly good.

Should I:

a) rip the tracks, burn a copy of the CD, and get the right CD?
b) take it back and get the right CD, since making an illegal copy of an album is morally reprehensible?
c) go get the case for Soviet Kitsch and ask them to mistakenly place Begin to Hope in it?

Also, I don't think I have a receipt. Every couple of months, I throw away old receipts and marvel at how my wallet is now actually smaller than my arse. I don't know whether it's the realisation of the actual size of my arse, or the comparison with something designed for such easy access yet used exclusively by me, but the experience just leaves me feeling kind of tired, and a little hungry.
So, I probably threw it out.
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