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chest bruises

I noticed a lot of people stating dental surgery in the cosmetic surgery post, so I thought I might be able to get some people's edumicated opinions.

Last Thursday I finally got surgery on my lower jaw, getting it cut and elongated, with metal plates added. Things went less than perfect in surgery (right after the doc bragged to the nurse about how great it always goes for him D:) with one side of my jaw cracking, and the braces all on the bottom teeth popping off. But after surgery everything has been going better than usual.

EXCEPT. Saturday afternoon we noticed weird bruising on my chest. I TOOK A PICTURE. Today it didn't grow any more bruising, but there's a lot of yellowing under the skin, going up to my chin area.

Any idea what causes this? We called the doc today (he didn't know) and will be going in Tuesday unless I decide I'm too worried and want to go in sooner. But since it's not blood gushing out of my throat, I think I can handle waiting.

Second question: Does having the metal plates in my jaw make me part robot? When will I get my super powers?

ETA: Third question: Anyone that can read tea leaves, can you read the blotches of my bruise to tell me my future? (And if so, please tell me what you read.)
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