mandapants74 (mandapants74) wrote in thequestionclub,

Satellites, Cords, and Cancellations

We canceled our Direct TV because they are total pricks. It all started when we bought our new tv. I couldn't program the remote to the tv because they didn't have it listed in the options screen. I call. I get an asshole who keeps mocking me and talking to me like I'm the stupidest person on this earth. Then when I disagree with him he starts talking to me in that stereotypical "mentally handicapped" voice people do to say you're a retard (I don't agree with the term but it IS their intention) and proceeds to hang up on me.

I call back and they refuse to let me talk to a supervisor because it's Sunday night (this was last week). They do apologize and fix my original issue but do NOTHING about my issue with the customer service agent and the promised call back never comes. Friday, a service tech person or installer working in the apartments across the way DROVE THROUGH OUR YARD rather than go the long way around (it's a dead end) to reach the street. So, I called to cancel and they want to charge us $75.00. They can bite it for all I care and I will be contesting the charges.

Anyway, I call today to ask wtf are we supposed to do with these cords and their answer? "Don't touch the one with the live wire poking through or you'll get a nasty shock! But you own them so we don't care what you do and no, we won't come remove the dish for you. Why? So it will be easier for us to install for the people who live there after you."

TQC, how do I get this fucking dish off my roof and these wires out of my house without touching the "live" one?

Also, what should I do with the dish once I have it removed from my roof? I'm partial to dropping it off the roof but our neighbors have children and I wouldn't want them getting hurt from a stray shard of whatever it's made of (bad grammar, I know).

Do you think the Cable guy will be nice enough to get this shit out of here for me? Exactly how much cleavage will I have to show for this to happen?

Thank you.
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