Happy Dance-tastic (ne_today) wrote in thequestionclub,
Happy Dance-tastic

Audiobook fans?

1.  Does anyone have any suggestions for audiobooks that are a must listen?

I've got 3 Audible credits to burn through, and I can't think of what to get.

I'm not looking for anything too heavy content-wise.  The world is heavy enough, I like my fiction and nonfiction to entertain me, rather than depress me.

2.  What is a book you have read that has changed the way you look at the world?

I can't think of one right now, but I know that I have at the time I have read certain books felt this way.

3.  Best movie quote?

Right now, my favorite quote is from "The Waitress" 

Cal (responding the the question, "Are you happy?") "I'm happy enough. I don't expect much, I don't get much, and I don't give much. I'm generally pleased with whatever comes along. I'm happy enough. "

It gave a great amount of character depth in a few words.
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