oh & time's a loaded gun. (heaven_falling) wrote in thequestionclub,
oh & time's a loaded gun.

Does anyone know if Dell starts processing orders on the weekends or if they wait until the next business day? (in this case tomorrow)

If you have ever ordered anything from Dell with regular 3-5 day shipping, do you recall how long it took to be delivered? I think they are pretty quick, but I can't remember.

My laptop isn't recognizing my AC adapter unless it is in some crazy position cause the cord is fucked up. Eventually my laptop will die, and then I will die too :( also I have a paper due Wednesday so my computer would be convenient.

And here's another question so I'm not completely boring:

Has anything at your job, whether it be a policy, a sign, a comment of a coworker/boss (anything really) offended you or shocked you so much that you quit? What was it?
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