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wedding stuff

So, some of my friends are getting married soonish, and that got me thinking about my own theoretical wedding. So, TQCers, what did you do or what do you want to do?

1) DJ or band? If a band, how large? Approx cost of band, any idea?
2) Type of food?
3) Open or cash bar? Or a combo of the two?
4) Write your own vows or stick to the standard?

And my parents got divorced when I was young, both remarried, but they still don't get along AT ALL.
5) For those who have divorced parents, how did that work out? Who did the giving away, and the daddy/daughter dance? The coordination of all that is freaking me out.
6) I've heard that some wedding planners specialize in divorced families, I'm tempted to find someone that does that...did any of you folks use a wedding planner? Good idea?

1) I'd like a band, but I'm worried it'll cost a fortune.
2) I want a nice spread, no idea what types of food but something properly catered, or my family will remember the event unfondly for the rest of my life. I mean seriously, food can make or break an evening.
3) I'm thinking open bar for the first hour or so of the reception, then cash. All night open bar must be soooo expensive.
4) The idea of writing my own vows freaks me out, I think I'll stick to the classic.
5) I have no idea what to do!! I have so many relatives that don't like eachother!
6) Divorce complications + I freak out whenever any glitch in plans occurs, I think I'll need a planner to keep me from getting an ulcer.

If you care to share the cost of total or individual aspects of the wedding, that'd be awesome.
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