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Music question...

All right, first some brief back-story. I am a music fanatic. I love to play it, write it, and listen to it. I'm also a terrible music snob, by which I mean I am very picky about music I will listen to (not in a stupid way, like some people I know, I am just very picky as to the vocals/orchestration/lyrical quality/etc.).

Anyways, I just started listening to Coheed and Cambria. I avoided them for a long time because everyone said they were just some lame emo band. Then I heard that all of their albums tell part of an ongoing story, which intrigued me. I finally listened to their newest album, and I loved them. They are an amazing progressive rock band (how people got emo from them, I will never know). Has something like this happened to any of you? Has there ever been a band you thought you would just hate but turned out to be nothing like you expected? I'm interested in any stories you have to share(and maybe I'll get pointed to some good new music, as well...).
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