Bry (jesterly) wrote in thequestionclub,

Why are contact lenses by prescription only?

I can understand codeine. Sure, codeine is a good thing to need a prescription for.

As is other addictive painkillers.

Antibiotics - also good. We don't need people taking them all the time, giving themselves allergies, and creating super microbes.

But Contact lenses? You never hear of someone being admitted to the hospital because they had too many contact lenses. Handing them out to children probably would get you strange looks. And if I wanted to stop contacts all together, I could.. Well, at least until I killed myself by running into something I shouldn't have.

Is it to protect the idiots of this country (which outnumber the non-idiots by a considerable margin) ? Is it a way to keep eyedocs in business during a time when they're not really necessary?

Contacts should be more like cars and repairs. Sure, change your oil if you want to. It's cheaper, and if you know what you're doing, it works out great. If you fuck it up, that's your problem. Or you can pay someone else to make sure it's done right.
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