aryn kae (_dear_mariah) wrote in thequestionclub,
aryn kae

Maybe it's just me, but I'll ask anyway.
Is anyone else who's single get really annoyed by all the SO questions here? :( I'm kinna like, yes, I understand I'm a loser, now SHUT UP. :(

Okay, let's go on this theme.
I think a guy in my boring sociology class likes me.
Should I sit right next to him on Monday?
Or would that be too awkward?
What's the best way to meet someone?
People tell me that I should just stop looking for someone and I'll find someone, does that seem like I'm still supposed to be looking to anyone else?
Is there a magic fairy that's supposed to know that I've suddenly stopped looking and is going to put a boyfriend under my pillow? Hah.
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