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1. What year did you start using the internet?

2. How long have you and your SO been together?

3. Did you have any weird dreams last night?

4. How many different phrases can you make out of TQC? If any, would you name a few?

5. Do you have any hilarious(by hilarious, I mean it doesn't have to be funny to all of us, maybe just you) stories from your childhood you're willing to share?

6. Doesn't it bug you when you think up all these wonderful questions you'd love to ask TQC and by the time you get to your computer you've forgotten them all and end up making up other ones?

1. 1997 I believe

2. 10 months :D

3. Yeah. I had a dream about me and all my old friends getting in a car and driving down to La Quinta where we robbed a few stores for all their alcohol and then we went to some abandon school building where I found a desk. Upon opening the desk, I found lots of junk. Like...disney characters, matches, a dildo, and a water gun. I gave all the gifts to my friend Zack and then we hopped into my friend Olivia's car where we tried to venture back to our town. The whole ride the car was leaning on it's left side. It was so weird..

4. the queefing cunt is the only one I can remember thinking up this morning.

5. There's this memory from when I was a little kid, my brother, my sister and I would get up around 1am and we'd meet up in the livingroom and my brother and I would watch cartoon network and my sister would be sitting at the computer. and whenever my dad would wake up and walk out into the livingroom we'd pretend to be asleep in the places we were sitting. he always fell for it. seriously though, how can you walk past an 8 year old at a computer pretending to be asleep?

6. YES. I had so many good idea's last night and I only remembered one ):


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