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Hey guys,

I'm applying for a position within my company which is perfect for me, and which I'm really nervous I won't get. Could you please offer me some feedback on the following cover letter before I send it in?

Hi Tara and Gary,

Please consider this email my application for the Communications Team Lead

I've worked at *Company Name removed* for a little over a year now; as a Cashier and Security Representative for 10 months, and as an Email Customer Service Representative for 3 months and a few weeks.

While I've worked at *Company Name removed*, I've made an effort to educate myself in as many aspects of my job as possible. I'm qualified to do cashouts,
escalated cashouts, player to player transfers, escalated player to player
transfers, MoneyGram/Western Union deposits and emails, Cheques, Traffic
Analyst duties, DACC and emails.
I'm also a member of the esteemed Events Planning Committee, and of course the famed *Company Name removed* Bowling Team. (Inappropriate humor?)

Over the last year and a half, I've been taking night classes at
BCIT to complete a Technical Writing Associate Certificate. I've finished
several Technical Writing courses, including "Technical Writing,"
"Technical Editing and Grammar," "Writing for the Web," "Designing and
Writing Online Help," "Documentation Project Management" and "Definitions,
Instructions and Process Descriptions."

My biggest claim to fame here at work is a policy and procedure document
outlining cashier procedure changes I'd suggested to Lawrence, which was
approved and implemented into the Handbook.

My biggest goal at *Company Name removed* is to make the transition to the
Communications department. I feel that's where, as an admitted grammar
nerd, I can really excel at my job. The Communications Team Lead position
sounds like a perfect match for my skills and goals.

Thank you for your consideration, and please find my resume attached.

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